The Florida Assisted Living Coalition is a an organization whose mission is to provide Education, to seniors and the disabled. We also bring vibrant, informative programs, seminars and confererence to enrich and Empower healthcare professionals. Most of our sessions offer continuing education credits (CE's) offered at little or no cost and meals are included in one low price. Our CE programs are recognized by CE Broker and our Spring and Fall Conferences are always under $90.00 and include 12 or more continuing education credits, daily breakfast and lunch. The best value, because we want you to learn and help make this world a little better for all of us.


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Click here for article: Doctors to Your Door Connects Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled With Personalized Physician and Home Visit Services

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Florida Assisted Living Coalition Spring Conference will be hosted at

 Palm Beach State Logo 

Lake Worth Campus

April  2014

Conference Chairperson     Charley Meadows

Special Thanks to this years conference sponsors:  Molina Health, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care, Boca Medical Supply, Assisted Living Lifestyles, Tenet, Gelbwaks Insurance, Solkoff Legal, Alzheimer's Association, Humana, Rand Eye Institue, Palm Beach State College, University of Miami, CareSource and many others. Please support these businesses and thank them for supporting their community.









Pearl Wishe, Spouse of Navy Veteran, Lee Wishe Circa 1942 - 1945

In a message dated 8/3/2013 5:56:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, amy writes:
Re: VET Lee Wische 

Hi Michael, just a quick thank you to you and your staff for helping us acquire the full aid and attendance benefits from the VA. 
You helped us file the claim in Feb 2012. We received a denial in July 2012. We appealed by letter w/ supporting documents in September 2012 and were pleasantly surprised to get a large check in July 2013.The amount was based on $1113.00 per month, retroactive to Feb 2012. We are very grateful for the help. Pearl is now 88 and in an assisted living facility- you know how expensive those are. Amy Wische (daughter)


"My husand served during Korea, I took care of him until he past away a month ago. Now it seems like with him gone everything is starting to fall apart on me. I am jittery and don't feel comfortable driving. I have no desire to cook and clean and liver here without him seems overwhelming. My doctor told me about Florida Assisted Living Coalition (FALC) and how they help spouses of veterans get money from the VA for Aide and Attendance financial benefits. The cost is nothing out of pocket. It turns out there is a pension program available that Donald and I could have been getting for years while we were married, but the VA never mentioned it and since we didn't ask they didn't tell. I called FALC and they set me up with an evaluation and a week later we filled out the application. I dropped it in the mail yesterday and now I hurry up and wait. It takes somewhere between 4-8 months on average to get approved. My plan is to use the money toward assisted living and start to enjoy whats left of my life. Particularly I like the idea that FALC will continue to monitor my case all through the process"




Ronald Fant, U.S. Army, Circa 1942 - 1945.  "Ron is very sick he has had a couple of bi falls in the condo and 2 hip replacements and neck problems. He also has diabetes, and my memory is not as sharp as my combat days in WWII. I also have some anxiety issues. We were struggling to manage while living on a fixed income until I was introduced to FALC. During the summer month's we had to make some hard choices, go lean on our medications to cover the cost of my electric bill. A lot of seniors like me have to go without in order to make ends meet. I recently got approved for just under $1600 a month with the VA Aide & Attendance financial benefites. Thanks to the support we got by Florida Assisted Living Coalition as our advocates."

VETERANS YOU ARE ELIGIBLE to receive up to $1709.00 a month
Suviving Spouse of a Veteran is eligible for up to $1100.00 a month
Disabled Child of a Veteran is eligible for up to $1100.00 a month.
Keep in mind - If you divorce the veteran you divorce the benefits!




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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305





(800) 939-2650



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