The Florida Assisted Living Coalition is a an organization whose mission is to provide Education, to seniors and the disabled. We also bring vibrant, informative programs, seminars and conference to enrich and Empower healthcare professionals. Most of our sessions offer continuing education credits (CE's) offered at little or no cost and meals are included in one low price. NEED CE'S???Our CE programs are recognized by CE Broker. Our UPCOMING JANUARY 2016 Conferences REUNION promises to deliver excellence in education inclusive of CE's, daytime Meals, Trade show, Parking ALL for ONLY 99.00 and offers THE BEST VALUE, because we want you to learn and help make this world a better PLACE for all of us.


Doctors to Your Door is featured in the October issue of


Click here for article: Doctors to Your Door Connects Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled With Personalized Physician and Home Visit Services

It has become a standard for FALC to offer the community more options for education. In 2016 we will take it to the step. We are proud to welcome Palm Beach State College as our 2016 EDUCATIONAL PARTNER. We will offer 3 conferences to celebrate higher learning offering. Offering smaller class sizes, on a myriad of subjects presented by relevant speakers, plus a greater opportunity to make lasting networking contacts!!! SAVE THE DATES THURSDAY 2/11 & 2/12/2016, Wednesday, June 8, 2016 and Wednesday September 21, 20116






"My father served during World War II, circa 1943-1945, he and my mother lived in Aventura up and until they could no longer manage. Contacting your agency was a blessing. I appreciate all your help from getting doctors to visit them at home, to helping finding the perfect assisted living steps from their condo. But, best of all my brother and sisters and I can't thank you enough for helping us to understand the VA Aid and Attendance application and I am happy to say we just received our approval letter. Now my dad at 91 and mom 90 will get the money to help pay for the assisted living facility. You provide an excellent service to the community and I feel like I can count on you and that gives me a tremedous amount of comfort. Thanks for everything. S. L. Boca Raton, FL May, 2014" 




Ronald Fant, U.S. Army, Circa 1942 - 1945.  "Ron is very sick he has had a couple of bi falls in the condo and 2 hip replacements and neck problems. He also has diabetes, and my memory is not as sharp as my combat days in WWII. I also have some anxiety issues. We were struggling to manage while living on a fixed income until I was introduced to FALC. During the summer month's we had to make some hard choices, go lean on our medications to cover the cost of my electric bill. A lot of seniors like me have to go without in order to make ends meet. I recently got approved for just under $1600 a month with the VA Aide & Attendance financial benefites. Thanks to the support we got by Florida Assisted Living Coalition as our advocates."

VETERANS YOU ARE ELIGIBLE to receive up to $1709.00 a month
Suviving Spouse of a Veteran is eligible for up to $1100.00 a month
Disabled Child of a Veteran is eligible for up to $1100.00 a month.
Keep in mind - If you divorce the veteran you divorce the benefits!




2500 N. Federal Hwy Suite 202
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305





(800) 939-2650



 Florida Assisted Living Coalition, also known as (FALC) has no affiliation with Florida Assisted Living Affiliation d/b/a Florida Assisted Living Association also known as FALA or any of its affiliates. FALA does not license, sponsor, approve, or benefit from FALC or any activities or services of FALC " nor FALC does not license, sponsor, approve or benefit from FALA or any actiivties or services of FALA. The two organizations are not related in anyway and respectively services the community each with its own mission independent of the other

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